ePropulsion E Acculader 20A 1.152W

€ 399,00

Deze acculader schakelt automatisch uit wanneer het laden gereed is. De acculader kan permanent in de boot worden geplaatst aangezien deze waterbestendig is. Gebruik een spatwaterdichte 220 Volt verlengkabel om de accu aan te sluiten op een stopcontact.

  • Laadindicatoren: LED 1 Rood: ingeschakeld. Led 2 Rood: laden, groen: status volgeladen (cut-off state, float state). Zorg ervoor dat de accu is ingeschakeld tijdens het opladen, anders laad deze niet op.
  • Model: KP2000DR
  • Artikelnummer: EC-0020-20
  • EAN: 6971312630329
  • Waterbestendig klasse IP 65 (stofdicht en kan tegen een waterstralen dus ook plenswaterbestendig)
  • Max uitgangsvermogen: 1152 W
  • Max uitgangsspanning: 57,6 V
  • Uitgangsstroom: 20 A
  • Ingangsspanning (AC): 185V - 255 V (220V) dus gewoon aansluiten op het stopcontact. 
  • Oplaadtijd: 9 uur (accu E175), 5 uur (accu E80), 2,5 uur (accu E40)
  • Afmeting: 235 * 175 * 110 mm

A. Features:
1. E battery chargers have an intelligent heat dissipation system the when the intra-housing temperature is above 40°C.
2. This charger is configured with reverse polarity, over current over
circuit protections.
3. This charger has over-temperature protection, which shuts down the internal temperature is above 75°C. In extreme heat conditio the charger could enter into a perpetual cycle of suspension (several minutes) and restart. In such cases, it is necessary to take additional measures to heat if delay in charge completion is to be avoided.
4. KPZOOSDR is IP54 waterproof, KP2000DR and KP3000DR are IP65 water
B. Operations:
1. This charger is suitable for the E batteries.
2 Confirm the charger's AC input voltage level conforms to the local main/arid/ AC voltage
level. Then connect the charger system to a wall socket strongly. When the LED1 is, means the power is on.
3. LED2 remains red until the battery is fully charged, at which point LED2 turns green. A green LED2 indicates either the battery is fully charged or no battery is connected. Note: This charger uses relay for output protection. Reconnecting the load must wait for one minute, otherwise protection failure will occur.
C. Notices:
1. Do not store and use under direct heat/radiation or near the source of heat/radiation.
2. Use in damp, dusty, or non-ventilated environment could cause damage to the charger and battery.
3. Do not cover the wind/cooling channels. Keep a minimum of 10cm between any obstructions and the wind channels (or front and back panels where the wind inlet and outlets are located).
4. Do not cover the charger. Keep the charger away from the reach of children.
5. If a two pins AC plug is used, the charger housing must grounded with an earthing wire of 2.5mm2 or greater.
6. Should the charger not work proper, please follow this check list:
*is the battery and charger corrected connected?
*is the voltage level appropriate?
*Has the charger entered into over-temperature or over-current protection? After troubleshooting and fixing the problem, disconnect power for a few seconds, their reconnect to mains. If the charger still does not work properly, contact manufacturer immediately
7. For any faults beyond the Sixth aforementioned, please contact the manufacturer for technical support.
8. Opening the housing of the charger without prior written consent from the manufacturer voids the manufacturer's warranty immediately.
D. Packing List:
• Charger x 1
• User Manual x 1
E. Warranty: ePropulsion E Battery Charger is guaranteed against any manufacturing defects for 2 years from date of purchase.